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STS-135 -- Mission to the International Space Station

The Mission

Four astronauts were on space shuttle Atlantis for the STS-135 mission. The STS-135 crew members were NASA astronauts Chris Ferguson, Doug Hurley, Sandy Magnus and Rex Walheim. This was the last shuttle flight. Atlantis took Raffaello to the space station. Raffaello, an Italian-built module, is like a round moving van. It took equipment, experiments and supplies to the station.

The Crew

NASA astronaut Chris Ferguson was the commander of the STS-135 mission. Commander Ferguson has a fun hobby. He is a drummer in a band called Max Q. Everyone in the band is an astronaut!

NASA astronaut Doug Hurley was the pilot of the last shuttle flight. He was a U.S. Navy test pilot before he became an astronaut.

Astronaut Sandy Magnus had been on two other trips into space before STS-135. The trip before STS-135, Magnus lived on the station for over four months.

The STS-135 mission was astronaut Rex Walheim’s third trip into space. All three of his trips were on space shuttle Atlantis. He has never flown on any other shuttle.

Astronauts train at NASA's Johnson Space Center in Houston before going into space. Since NASA and Russia are two of the fifteen countries that work together on the International Space Station, the crew also trains in Moscow.

The STS-135 Patch

Each crew designs a patch that highlights its mission. The STS-135 patch shows space shuttle Atlantis taking off on its mission to the International Space Station. This mission was the last flight of the Space Shuttle Program. To show this, Atlantis is centered over an omega, the last letter in the Greek alphabet.

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