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STS-130 -- Mission to the International Space Station

The crew of space shuttle mission STS-130 is home from space!

STS-130 was the 32nd shuttle mission to fly to the space station. The crew members were Nicholas Patrick, Terry Virts, Robert Behnken, Kathryn Hire, George Zamka and Stephen Robinson.

The crew took the Tranquility node and the cupola (kyoo-puh-luh) into space. The Tranquility node is one of the last parts added to the International Space Station. Tranquility gives crew members more room. Tranquility connects to the station on the port side of the Unity node. The cupola is attached to the end of Tranquility. The cupola has seven windows. It provides a 360-degree view for watching spacewalks and robotic arm work.

Astronaut George Zamka was the commander of STS-130. This was his second trip into space. He was the pilot on the STS-120 shuttle mission in 2007.

This was pilot Terry Virts' first trip into space. Before going into space, he trained in the largest indoor pool in the world at the Neutral Buoyancy Laboratory near NASA’s Johnson Space Center in Houston. Astronauts can practice for spacewalks and emergency water landings in the pool.

STS-130 was astronaut Robert Behnken's second trip into space. He practiced for the flight by learning how to get out of the space shuttle in case of an emergency landing.

STS-130 was astronaut Nicholas Patrick's second visit to the space station. He practiced for spacewalks by working underwater in the Neutral Buoyancy Laboratory.

STS-130 was astronaut Stephen Robinson's fourth trip into space. On an earlier mission, Robinson became the first astronaut to repair the outside of the shuttle while it was in space. He also was the first person to make a podcast from space.

STS-130 was astronaut Kathryn Hire's second trip into space. She had to complete emergency training to prepare for the mission.

The STS-130 crew designed a patch that shows important parts of its mission. The crew members' names are printed around the patch. STS-130 took the Tranquility node and its cupola to the International Space Station. The patch is shaped like the cupola, a small, dome-shaped room with seven windows. The picture of Earth is the first one taken from the moon in 1966. Space shuttle Endeavour is shown leaving Earth and heading toward the station.

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