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STS-128 -- Mission to the International Space Station

The STS-128 crew has completed its mission! Space shuttle Discovery took science and storage racks to the International Space Station.

Rick Sturckow was the commander and Kevin Ford was the pilot. The mission specialists were José Hernández, Danny Olivas, Nicole Stott, Christer Fuglesang and Patrick Forrester. Christer Fuglesang is a European Space Agency astronaut. He is from Sweden.

Stott stayed on the International Space Station when the STS-128 crew returned to Earth. She became part of the Expedition 20 crew on the space station. Astronaut Tim Kopra was already on the station when STS-128 arrived. He had been the Expedition 20 flight engineer. He returned to Earth with the STS-128 crew on Discovery.

The crew members spent months training and getting ready for this trip. They had to learn how to make emergency exits from the shuttle. They had to choose foods for their trip. Some of the crew members had to practice for the spacewalks to be done once they got into space.

Before the mission, the STS-128 crew helped design a mission patch. Their patch shows the space shuttle Discovery. The payload bay doors are open. The Multi Purpose Logistics Module Leonardo is in the payload bay. This will be the first time that Discovery has carried an MPLM to orbit. Earth and the International Space Station wrap around the Astronaut Office symbol. This reminds us that now, people are always in space. The names of the STS-128 crew members border the patch. U.S. and Swedish flags stand for the countries of the STS-128 crew.

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