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The Expedition 26 Crew

The Crew

The Expedition 26 crew has completed its mission.

NASA astronaut Scott Kelly was the commander. The other crew members were Dmitri Kondratyev, Catherine Coleman, Oleg Skripochka, Alexander Kaleri and Paolo Nespoli.

NASA astronaut Scott Kelly was the Expedition 26 commander. His twin brother Mark is visiting the space station on the STS-134 space shuttle mission.

Cosmonaut Oleg Skripochka arrived at the space station on Oct. 9, 2010. He launched to the station on a Soyuz rocket with Alexander Kaleri and Scott Kelly.

Alexander Kaleri had been on four spaceflights before this trip. He had spent 610 days in space. He had done over 23 hours of spacewalking.

On Dec. 15, 2010, Catherine Coleman, Dmitri Kondratyev and Paolo Nespoli launched in a Soyuz rocket. They joined the rest of the Expedition 26 crew on the space station.

NASA astronaut Catherine Coleman was an Expedition 26 flight engineer. This was her third trip into space. She stayed on the station and became a flight engineer for Expedition 27.

Russian cosmonaut Dmitri Kondratyev was an Expedition 26 flight engineer. He stayed on the station to become the Expedition 27 commander. Before going into space, Kondratyev had to learn how to dock the Russian Soyuz to the space station.

European Space Agency astronaut Paolo Nespoli was an Expedition 26 and 27 flight engineer. He has been to the station once before this trip.

The Expedition 26 Mission Patch

The Expedition 26 crew designed a mission patch before flying into space. The patch is diamond shaped with a flat bottom. The International Space Station takes up most of the space on the patch. In the background is our home planet, Earth. The two stars stand for the two Soyuz spacecraft that took the crew members to the space station. They worked and lived together as Expedition 26. The patch shows the crew members' names. It is framed with the flags of their countries -- United States, Russia and Italy.

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