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The Expedition 14 Crew

The Crew

The Expedition 14 crew arrived at the International Space Station on Sept. 20, 2007. The commander of the crew was astronaut Michael Lopez-Alegria. He and cosmonaut Mikhail Tyurin flew to the ISS in the Russian Soyuz spacecraft. They launched on Sept. 18, 2006. Astronaut Thomas Reiter was waiting for them on the ISS. He lived and worked with the crew until December 19, 2006. When he left the station, astronaut Sunita L. Williams took his place.

While in space, the crew worked on the ISS. They added solar panels outside the ISS. The panels will be used to create power for the station. Three Progress supply ships went to the station while this crew was onboard. These Russian ships delivered cargo to the station. The crew had to unload each ship and put the cargo away.

Astronaut Michael Lopez-Alegria was also the science officer for this trip. He studied what happens to the human body in space. Lopez-Alegria also tested how germs grow on things in space. One fun thing he did was to test his reaction time. In the experiment, Lopez-Alegria followed a moving target with one hand. At the same time, he typed with his other hand.

The Patch

The Expedition 14 crew's mission patch shows the past, present and future of human space exploration. The Roman numeral XIV stands for the number 14. That numeral is in the black sky above the Earth. The lines coming out from the XIV go to the moon and on to Mars. Trips to the ISS will help humans travel to those places someday. Five stars represent missions where astronauts and cosmonauts gave their lives while exploring space.

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