NKC Tips for Teachers

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Info for Teachers

The Internet provides your students with access to thousands of resources -- some educational, some entertaining, and some with content inappropriate for students. NASA encourages you to take time to monitor your student's use of the Internet by visiting sites with them, playing games with them, and setting firm guidelines about which types of sites they are allowed to visit.

We know you can't be with your students constantly while they are online. However, if you take the time to instruct them before they're allowed to use the computer, you may keep them from being exposed to pornography, inappropriate adult-focused content, and even child predators who often lurk in chat rooms. Usage monitoring software is available commercially to help you with this task.

NASA will provide a wealth of resources that are safe, fun, and educational for your students. You can expect them to find reliable information on space-related topics, as well as games, and Web quests.

Please take time to review NASA's privacy and disclaimer statements.

Page Last Updated: May 27th, 2015
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