NKC Grab It

A group of young, animated characters against a colorful background with the words NASA Kids' Club

Grab It

Here is a fun poem for future astronauts.

A is for astronaut. He grabs a ride to the moon.

B is for boat. We will grab a ride on a boat very soon.

C is for cat. The cat runs to grab a rat.

D is for dog. The dog runs to grab the cat.

E is for Earth. Grab the Earth. We live on it.

F is for fish. Grab a fish. Be careful! They are wet.

G is for goat. The girl grabs a goat outside.

H is for horse. A boy wants to grab a horse to ride.

I is for ice. I grab ice for my drink.

J is for jar. Can he grab the jar from the sink?

K is for kite. A girl grabs a kite. It will fly higher.

L is for log. Grab a log. Put it on the fire.

M is for moon. Men grab rocks on the moon.

N is for Neptune. He will grab Neptune soon.

O is for owl. The owl grabs a rat to eat.

P is for peach. She grabs a peach. It is sweet.

Q is for queen. The queen grabs the king.

R is for ring. She grabs a big red ring.

S is for the sun. Don't grab the sun. It is too hot for you.

T is for toy. Grab the toy. It is new.

U is for up. Grab a jet. It goes up, up and up in the sky.

V is for Vest. He grabs a vest, a coat and a tie.

W is for wagon. She grabs the wagon. She pulls it away.

X is for X-ray. The doctor grabs the X-ray.

Y is for yo-yo. Grab a yo-yo and play.

Z is for zebra. The zebra grabs a bite of hay.

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