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People have used NASA technology to make common household products better. These products are called spinoffs. Try to pick the name of these spinoffs.

1. NASA studied metals while making the International Space Station. This spinoff was made of a mixture of metals. The metals help a golf ball stay on this spinoff just a little longer.
     a. Ski boots
     b. Joysticks
     c. Golf clubs

2. This spinoff was made in the same way that certain parts of NASA space suits were made. You can thank this spinoff for a great jump shot.
     a. Athletic shoes
     b. Memory foam pillow
     c. Golf clubs

3. Who would have thought that this spinoff came from NASA! Scientists were working with tiny plants called algae (AL gee). They discovered something in the plants. What they found is good for babies.
     a. Golf clubs
     b. Baby formula
     c. Exercise equipment

4. NASA can find the temperatures of things that are far away. Without leaving Earth, scientists can tell how hot a planet or star is. With this spinoff, you can tell if you have a fever in just a few seconds. And you don't have to put it in your mouth!
     a. Infrared thermometer
     b. Memory foam pillow
     c. Polarized sunglasses

5. NASA used special foam to make seat cushions for spacecraft. You can use its spinoff to get a good night's sleep.
     a. Water purifiers
     b. Baby formula
     c. Memory foam pillows

6. Astronauts must stay in shape even when they are in orbit. In space, their bones and muscles start to get weak. The astronauts use special machines to keep them strong. You can use this spinoff at a fitness center.
     a. Golf balls
     b. Exercise equipment
     c. Water purifiers

7. Space can be a very cold place. NASA made a special cloth. The cloth can be made into gloves that would be warm enough to wear on Mars. If you use this spinoff, you can wear the cloth on Earth.
     a. Memory foam pillow
     b. Baby formula
     c. Ski jackets

8. This spinoff was made from a design used for fighter plane wings. It protects your head when you ride. It has air vents to keep you cool.
     a. Bicycle helmets
     b. Joysticks
     c. Athletic shoes

9. This spinoff comes from the space shuttle simulators. Astronauts use a control to practice landing and steering the shuttle. You can use the spinoff to play video games.
     a. Golf clubs
     b. Joysticks
     c. Exercise equipment

10. This spinoff is great to use on the beach or at a picnic. It came from an idea NASA had to keep things cool in space. It uses small parts to keep things warm or cold at the flip of the switch.
     a. Ski boots
     b. Aerodynamic bicycle wheel
     c. Portable electric cooler

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  1. (c.) Golf clubs
  2. (a.) Athletic shoes
  3. (b.) Baby formula
  4. (a.) Infrared thermometer
  5. (c.) Memory foam pillows
  6. (b.) Exercise equipment
  7. (c.) Ski jackets
  8. (a.) Bicycle helmets
  9. (b.) Joysticks
  10. (c.) Portable electric cooler

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