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STS-133 Cosmic Corridor Game

Use the words below to fill the blank in each sentence.

International Space StationR2
mission patchDiscovery
grocery storemodels
mission specialiststrash
Steve LindseyEric Boe

  1. Before going into space, the STS-133 crew members designed a ___________________ to describe their mission.
  2. Astronauts train in ________________ of the space shuttle and space station.
  3. __________________________ is the pilot of the STS-133 mission.
  4. The commander of this mission is ____________________________.
  5. ___________ rode to the space station with the crew of Discovery.
  6. The space shuttle being used for this mission is named ________________.
  7. The crew of STS-133 will be visiting the ____________________________ during the mission.
  8. STS-133 ____________________ are Alvin Drew, Michael Barratt, Steve Bowen and Nicole Stott.
  9. Some foods astronauts eat in space can be found in a ______________________ on Earth.
  10. Astronauts have to learn how to cook and what to do with their ________________ while they are in space.

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  1. mission patch
  2. models
  3. Eric Boe
  4. Steve Lindsey
  5. R2
  6. Discovery
  7. International Space Station
  8. mission specialists
  9. grocery store
  10. trash

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