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STS-129 Memory Game

Use the words below to fill the blank in each sentence.

commandersunBarry WilmoreFull Fuselage Trainertwo
space shuttle Atlantisfirst    spacewalksNeutral Buoyancy Laboratorylast

  1. The ______ shines on the STS-129 mission patch.
  2. The ______________________ is a full-size model of the space shuttle orbiter -- without the wings.
  3. STS-129 will be the _______ time the space shuttle brings a space station crew member back to Earth.
  4. The STS-129 crew will make three______________________.
  5. The large swimming pool where astronauts practice for spacewalks is called the ___________________________________.
  6. ___________________________________ is the STS-129 pilot.
  7. This is the ____________________ mission for three of the crew members of STS-129.
  8. Astronaut Charlie Hobaugh is the ______________ of the STS-129 space shuttle mission.
  9. The STS-129 patch looks different from other patches because it has _______ shapes.
  10. The six astronauts of the STS-129 crew will fly on _________________________ during their mission.

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  1. sun
  2. Full Fuselage Trainer
  3. last
  4. spacewalks
  5. Neutral Buoyancy Laboratory
  6. Barry Wilmore
  7. first
  8. commander
  9. two
  10. space shuttle Atlantis

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