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STS-127 Cosmic Corridor Game

Use the words below to fill the blank in each sentence.

space shuttlemaple leaf
Doug HurleyCanadian Space Agency
commanderExpedition 20
Koichi WakataInternational Space Station

  1. The crew of STS-127 launched on space shuttle __________________________.
  2. Astronaut Tim Kopra will stay on the International Space Station as part of the _____________________________ crew.
  3. _______________________ is the pilot of the STS-127 mission.
  4. Mark Polansky is the _______________________ of the STS-127 mission.
  5. Mission Specialist Julie Payette is from the _________________________________________.
  6. STS-127 is the 29th shuttle mission to the _________________________________________.
  7. On the STS-127 mission patch, a red ______________________________ is next to Julie Payette's name.
  8. The STS-127 crew is delivering the final piece of the _______________________ laboratory.
  9. _______________________ has been living on the space station since March 17, 2009, and will return to Earth with the STS-127 crew.
  10. The STS-127 mission patch shows the outline of a ________________________ flying on a golden flight path.

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  1. Endeavour
  2. Expedition 20
  3. Doug Hurley
  4. commander
  5. Canadian Space Agency
  6. International Space Station
  7. maple leaf
  8. Kibo
  9. Koichi Wakata
  10. space shuttle

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