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STS-125 Memory Game

Use the words below to fill the blank in each sentence.

commandermission patchEdwin P. HubbleHubble Space Telescopefifth
Prince Philipspacewalksspace shuttle AtlantisNeutral Buoyancy Laboratorypilot

  1. Scott Altman is the _____________ of STS-125.
  2. The STS-125 _________________ has a Hubble Space Telescope on the bottom.
  3. This is the _____________ mission to work on Hubble.
  4. The STS-125 crew will make five ______________________ to work on Hubble.
  5. The large swimming pool where astronauts practice for spacewalks is called the ___________________________________.
  6. The Queen of England's husband, ________________________________, visited with the STS-125 crew members before they went into space.
  7. The _________________________________ studies the universe.
  8. Gregory C. Johnson is the ___________ of the STS-125 space shuttle mission.
  9. A new stamp has a picture of ________________________________, the astronomer that the Hubble Space Telescope is named after.
  10. The seven astronauts of the STS-125 crew will fly on _________________________ during their mission to the Hubble Space Telescope.

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  1. commander
  2. mission patch
  3. fifth
  4. spacewalks
  5. Neutral Buoyancy Laboratory
  6. Prince Phillip
  7. Hubble Space Telescope
  8. pilot
  9. Edwin P. Hubble
  10. space shuttle Atlantis

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