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STS-123 Cosmic Corridor Game

Use the words below to fill the blank in each sentence.

DextreDominic Gorie
Expedition 16 and Expedition 17International Space Station
mission patchLéopold Eyharts
spacewalksGregory H. Johnson

  1. Astronaut Takao Doi of the STS-123 crew is from ________________.
  2. __________________________ is the pilot of the STS-123 mission.
  3. The commander of this mission is ____________________________.
  4. The Canadian robot being delivered by the STS-123 crew is nicknamed ________________.
  5. The space shuttle being used for this mission is named ________________.
  6. The crew of STS-123 will be visiting the ________________ during the mission.
  7. Mission Specialist Garrett Reisman will stay on the International Space Station as part of the _________________________ crews.
  8. The STS-123 crew will bring _________________ back to Earth from the space station.
  9. Before going into space, the STS-123 crew designed a _________________ to describe their mission.
  10. Astronauts Robert L. Behnken and Mike Foreman will perform three _________________ during the mission.

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  1. Japan
  2. Gregory H. Johnson
  3. Dominic Gorie
  4. Dextre
  5. Endeavour
  6. International Space Station
  7. Expedition 16 and Expedition 17
  8. Léopold Eyharts
  9. mission patch
  10. spacewalks

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