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STS-122 Memory Game

Use the words below to fill the blank in each sentence.

commandermission patchspacesuitswater  food
Columbusspace walksemergenciespilot  EMU

  1. Steve Frick is the ____________ of STS-122.
  2. The STS-122 _______________ has a ship sailing on the waters.
  3. Crew members get to taste the _____________ that they will eat while on their shuttle mission.
  4. Before they go into space, astronauts practice for the ____________ they will complete during their mission.
  5. A new part of the International Space Station called ________________________ was taken into space by this mission.
  6. All crew members learn what to do in case of _____________________ during their flight.
  7. _____________________ are easier to put on once the shuttle is in orbit.
  8. Alan Poindexter is the ___________ of the STS-122 space shuttle mission.
  9. Astronauts work in a large pool of _______________ to practice for the jobs they will do on space walks.
  10. __________ is the short name for the spacesuit the astronauts use when going on space walks.

> Check your answers

  1. commander
  2. mission patch
  3. food
  4. space walks
  5. Columbus
  6. emergencies
  7. spacesuits
  8. pilot
  9. water
  10. EMU

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