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STS-121 Memory Game

Use the words below to fill the blank in each sentence.

Discoveryvirtual realitymission specialistsstation  patch
Mark KellyspacewalkSteven Lindseyescape  crew

  1. Each _____________ designs a mission patch.
  2. ___________ is the commander of STS-121.
  3. The names of the STS-121 crewmembers surround the edge of the ____________________.
  4. The crew of space shuttle ____________________ will have a lot to do during their mission.
  5. _______________ is the pilot of the STS-121 mission.
  6. Michael Fossum uses ____________ tools to practice for jobs he will do on the ISS.
  7. An astronaut in a bulky white space suit practices for a ____________ .
  8. Astronauts learn how to use the crew _________ slide in case there is an emergency on the shuttle.
  9. They will leave Thomas Reiter at the _________.
  10. Five astronauts are ___________.

> Check your answers

  1. crew
  2. Steven Lindsey
  3. patch
  4. Discovery
  5. Mark Kelly
  6. virtual reality
  7. spacewalk
  8. escape
  9. station
  10. mission specialists

> Play again
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