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STS-118 Cosmic Corridor Game

Use the words below to fill the blank in each sentence.

flame of knowledgeScott Kelly
Barbara Morganlaunch and entry suits
basil seedsEducator Astronaut
orangeCharlie Hobaugh

  1. Astronaut Dave Williams of the STS-118 crew is from ________________.
  2. __________________________ was the pilot of the STS-118 mission.
  3. The commander of this mission was ____________________________.
  4. The _____________________ on the crew patch honors teachers and students.
  5. Crewmembers help choose their ________________ before going into space.
  6. The astronauts sometimes wear training versions of their _________________________ while at Johnson Space Center.
  7. Launch and entry suits are bright _________________ so that astronauts can easily be seen in case of a water landing.
  8. This flight was the first flight of an ______________________________.
  9. _____________________________ was the Educator Astronaut on the STS-118 mission.
  10. Two growth chambers and 10 million ________________________ flew on the STS-118 mission.

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  1. Canada
  2. Scott Kelly
  3. Charlie Hobaugh
  4. flame of knowledge
  5. menus
  6. launch and entry suits
  7. orange
  8. Educator Astronaut
  9. Barbara Morgan
  10. basil seeds

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