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STS-117 Memory Game

Use the words below to fill the blank in each sentence.

commanderspace suitmission specialistsmission patchpool
virtual reality labtoolsJohnson Space Centerphotographingpilot

  1. Rick Sturckow is the _____________________ of STS-117.
  2. The STS-117 _______________ has crewmembers' names above and below the International Space Station.
  3. Jim Reilly, Steven Swanson, Patrick Forrester and John "Danny" Olivas are ______________________.
  4. Before they go into space, astronauts practice working with the ___________ they will use during their mission.
  5. Astronauts train in a deep _____________________ called the Neutral Buoyancy Lab, or NBL.
  6. Astronaut Jim Reilly practiced ________________________ the underside of Atlantis with a camera he will use on the mission.
  7. An astronaut must wear a bulky white ______________ during a spacewalk.
  8. Lee Archambault is the ______________ of the STS-117 space shuttle mission.
  9. The Neutral Buoyancy Lab, or NBL, is near _________________________________.
  10. The ____________________________ helps train astronauts for the jobs they will do while on the shuttle and station.

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  1. commander
  2. mission patch
  3. mission specialists
  4. tools
  5. pool
  6. photographing
  7. space suit
  8. pilot
  9. Johnson Space Center
  10. virtual reality lab

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