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Return to Flight Memory Game

Use the words below to fill the blank in each sentence.

Eileen CollinsDiscoverycrewastronautslaunch pad
Kennedy Space CentershuttleSTS-114runwaycrawler

  1. ______________ is the commander of the STS-114 shuttle mission.
  2. The space shuttle is rolled to the launch pad on a ___________.
  3. The latest launch was the ___________ Return to Flight mission.
  4. The shuttle Discovery launched from __________________ in Florida.
  5. The mission patch has the names of the seven ____________ on the Return to Flight mission.
  6. The STS-114 Return to Flight mission is on the shuttle __________.
  7. The _________ of seven will fly and work on the shuttle.
  8. The STS-114 astronauts train for their space ___________ mission.
  9. When the shuttle returns from space, it will land on a ___________.
  10. The shuttle Discovery lifted off from a _________________.

> Check your answers

  1. Eileen Collins
  2. crawler
  3. STS-114
  4. Kennedy Space Center
  5. astronauts
  6. Discovery
  7. crew
  8. shuttle
  9. runway
  10. launch pad

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