NKC Clubhouse Text

A group of young, animated characters against a colorful background with the words NASA Kids' Club

Welcome to the Kids' Clubhouse

A cartoon character raises his hand in greeting beside the words Welcome to the Clubhouse

Journey with Nebula, the Clubhouse Commander, and explore games and interactive features designed for K-4 audiences. Look at pictures of Earth taken from space; read about why NASA explores; play a game about what astronauts eat in space; discover what your age and weight would be on a moon or another planet; color pictures of wildlife living on NASA centers; and assemble a polygon featuring NASA aircraft.
A bright blue jigsaw puzzle piece beside the words Put It TogetherPut It Together Puzzle A dodecahedron with outline drawings of aircraft Let's Fly Away Planets revolving behind Astro-Matic 3000 Astro-Matic 3000
Screenshot of Color NASAColor NASA Screenshot of Space Lunch gameSpace Lunch Game Nebula looks through a spyglass with words Why Do We Explore? floating above himWhy Do We Explore? Storybook
The words Window to Earth shown in a portholeWindow to Earth
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