NKC Why Do We Explore? Storybook Text

A group of young, animated characters against a colorful background with the words NASA Kids' Club

Why Do We Explore?

Are you curious about the world around you?
Have you ever gone somewhere new? How did you learn about that place?
Learning about new places is called "exploring."
People explore to learn new things.
Early explorers used boats, horses and even their own feet to explore.
Today, explorers use airplanes, submarines, rockets and other things.
People at NASA explore many new places.
NASA astronauts were the first people to walk on the moon.
Astronauts learn many new things by living on the space station.
Robots travel to Mars, Saturn and other worlds.
Telescopes help us see faraway stars.
How are all explorers alike? Explorers WANT to explore and find new things.
They know exploring can be dangerous. But explorers will face danger if they have to.
Exploration helps us learn. What we learn can help make the world a better place.
How can you explore?
You can go to new places. You can learn about the world around you.
You can study things that will help you want to explore more.
Keep exploring with NASA!
Nebula floats in a hot-air balloon above a field of trees

A colorful cartoon rocket flies past a planet

With a suitcase behind him, Nebula points at the viewer

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