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Space Lunch

Astronauts eat three meals a day: breakfast, lunch and dinner. Some foods can be taken into space just the way they are. Some foods cannot go into space at all.
And some foods just need to be repacked!

Taking the water out of foods before they go into space saves room. Astronauts add water to the food just before they eat it.

Astronauts take a knife, a fork and a spoon to eat their meals, and a pair of scissors to open the food packages. The scissors are one of the most important items.
The crew could not eat without them!

Choose which of the two foods would be the best to eat in space.

  A stack of flour tortillas
A sandwich
  A salmon steak on ice
A can of meat
  A bowl of chocolate pudding
A plastic cup of pudding
  A foil drink pouch
A clear glass of ice water
  Glass salt and pepper shakers
Two plastic squeeze bottles filled with liquid
  A pouch filled with shelled nuts
A bowl of unshelled nuts
  A pile of dried powdered milk with a blue scoop
A plastic milk jug




















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