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Put It Together

Thinking Games
Try your skill at finding the answers to the puzzles.

In the questions below, try to find the answers by using logic grid tables. Each table starts with blank boxes. Put an X in the boxes that you know are not true. Put an O in the boxes that might be true for that clue. Since each answer can only be used once in any given puzzle, you can X the other answers in that category.

Continue doing this for every clue you're given. You should be able to figure out the answers for each puzzle.

Question 1
X-planes are used to test how new airplane designs will fly. Each type of plane has a maximum speed of sonic (speed of sound), supersonic (between Mach 1 and Mach 5), or hypersonic (more than Mach 5).
Use the logic table and the clues below to find the speeds of each aircraft.

Clue 1: The X-43 holds the record for the fastest plane.
Clue 2: The X-15 can fly faster than the X-1.

  Sonic Supersonic Hypersonic

Question 2
Each type of suit worn by astronauts is a different color and has a different purpose.
Use the logic table and the clues below to find the color of each suit.

Clue 1: Flight suits are not orange.
Clue 2: Spacesuits are not blue or orange.

  Blue Orange White
Flight Suit      
Launch Suit      

Question 3
NASA will build new vehicles to go back to the moon, then on to Mars.
Use the logic table and the clues below to name the vehicles of the Constellation Program.

Clue 1: Ares is the name of the rocket.
Clue 2: Orion will not land on the moon.

  Launch Orbit Moon Landing

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