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Mission Phase 5

Cadets, back on Earth the NASA team is already prepping Atlantis for the next mission, and when Discovery returns, crews will begin processing the orbiter for another future adventure. I've had an intergalactic good time with the Discovery crew. The crew is now in the final days of the STS-124 mission. They are preparing for a final inspection, cabin stow, and a little R&R: that's rest and recreation. I'll be staying on the International Space Station until Endeavour picks me up.

Everyone has worked hard to accomplish all the mission milestones, and, while we worked long hours, there was still time to eat, exercise and rest. NASA works hard at creating a normal environment for my astronaut friends so that they feel comfortable during the mission, but some things just aren't the same in microgravity. Check out how some Earth human toys function by playing Toys in Space to Infinity and BEYOND and discover what happens!

This is Buzz Lightyear signing off!

Toys in Space Game

Our imagination is powerful! Many of the games and toys that provide us with hours of fun are a result of imagination and often show the life and culture of the people who developed them. Today, technology and culture has influenced the development of toys and games in ways that were once unbelievable. New materials are being used to create whole new generations of toys that help us not only have fun but learn too. It doesn't matter whether it's and old or new toy just have fun!

A game that was developed in the 19th century still has popularity is jump rope or skip rope. It is a game that can be played by an individual or by a team. The game consists of a jumper or jumpers with a piece or rope that may have handles on the each end. There are many types of jumps and chants that are a part of this traditional game. Today, it is a highly competitive sport for both girls and boys.

1. Consider how a jump rope behaves in Earth's gravity (1g).
2. Would the jump rope behave the same if the game was played in space?
3. How would the jump rope behave in space?
4. If you were an astronaut how would you play jump rope in space?
5. Describe a jump rope strategy that could be used in microgravity so that two people could jump rope at the same time.

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