NKC Elmo Visits NASA

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Elmo Visits NASA

Space shuttles flew into space for 30 years. The people who live on Sesame Street wanted to learn more about NASA's space shuttles and how NASA people use science and math every day. So they sent Elmo to the last shuttle launch. Elmo put on his flight suit, made just for him, and went to NASA's Kennedy Space Center in Florida. Former astronaut Leland Melvin helped Elmo learn more about NASA. Watch the videos to see what Elmo learned!


Sesame Street's Elmo leans over the console at the Mission Control Center in Florida

Play the videos:

› Learning Space: Elmo Visits Kennedy Space Center

› Learning Space: Don't Eat the Pumpkin Suits!

› Learning Space: Exercise to Stay Strong

› Learning Space: Good Food is Good in Orbit, Too!

› Learning Space: Stay Clean Without Taking a Bath

› NASA Edge Interviews Elmo

› Elmo Visits the Digital Learning Network

› Elmo Tours NASA's Vehicle Assembly Building

› Elmo Gets Aboard Space Shuttle Discovery

See the pictures:

Leland Melvin sits beside Sesame Street's Elmo       Sesame Street's Elmo stands in front of a large NASA building       Sesame Street's Elmo on the flight deck of a space shuttle
Former astronaut Leland Melvin helped Elmo learn more about space travel.       Elmo visited the building where space shuttles were put together at NASA's Kennedy Space Center.       Elmo was very excited to see the flight deck of a space shuttle.

Mike Massimino and Sesame Street's Elmo at NASA's Kennedy Space Center       Sesame Street's Elmo under space shuttle with landing gear nearby       Sesame Street's Elmo watches Leland Melvin pour water on a piece of cloth
NASA astronaut Mike Massimino talked to Elmo before the STS-135 launch.       Sesame Street's Elmo was under space shuttle Discovery.       Former astronaut Leland Melvin talked to Elmo about keeping clean in space.

Sesame Street's Elmo in orange flight suit       Leland Melvin shows Elmo a bag of space food       Sesame Street's Elmo stands inside a large NASA building
Sesame Street's Elmo was in Zero-g!       Former astronaut Leland Melvin taught the ABCs of living and working in space.       Sesame Street's Elmo stood inside NASA's Vehicle Assembly Building.

NASA in New York City for 'What's Your Favorite Space?'       Sesame Street's Elmo attends a NASA event in New York City       Sesame Street's Elmo poses with four astronauts
Sesame Street's Elmo and STS-135 Commander Chris Ferguson.       Elmo and the STS-135 Atlantis crew meet for the first time in New York.       The crew of STS-135, NASA's final space shuttle mission, and Sesame Street's Elmo welcomed visitors to "What's Your Favorite Space?" event in New York City.


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