STS-115 -- Mission to the ISS

The STS-115 space shuttle crew of six pose in orange shuttle launch and entry suits
Image above: The STS-115 Space Shuttle Crew
Credit: NASA

The crew of space shuttle mission STS-115 posed with their mission patch. Commander Brent Jett and pilot Chris Ferguson sat at the front. The mission specialists are, from left to right, Heidemarie Stefanyshyn-Piper, Joe Tanner, Dan Burbank and Steve MacLean.
The STS-115 mission patch with crewmembers' names around the border
Image above: The STS-115 Mission Patch
Credit: NASA

This is the STS-115 mission patch. The blue box behind the shuttle is a solar panel. The shuttle took a solar panel to the International Space Station. The crew attached the solar panel to the station during the mission. The names of the astronauts are around the edge of the patch. The shuttle mission number 115 is at the bottom of the patch. The number 12A shows that this was the 12th mission to the station.
Astronaut Joe Tanner, wearing an orange shuttle launch and entry suit, flips backwards into a large pool of water
Image above: Astronaut Joe Tanner flips backwards into the water during training at Johnson Space Center. Credit: NASA

Mission specialist Joe Tanner learned the safe way to fall into the water. He practiced in a huge pool where astronauts train to go into space. This pool is located at the Neutral Buoyancy Lab, or NBL, at Johnson Space Center.
Brent Jett kneels under a plane as he checks to make sure it is ready to fly
Image above: Astronaut Brent Jett, STS-115 commander, gets ready to fly in a NASA T-38 trainer jet. Credit: NASA

Commander Brent Jett inspected his NASA T-38 trainer jet before a flight.

Astronaut Christopher Ferguson wears a blue helmet as he sits in the cockpit of a jet
Image above: Astronaut Christopher Ferguson, STS-115 pilot, prepares to fly in a T-38 trainer jet. Credit: NASA

Astronaut Chris Ferguson sits in a T-38 trainer jet. He was getting ready for a flight at Ellington Field near Johnson Space Center.

Two men help astronaut Daniel Burbank put on a bulky white spacesuit
Image above: Putting on a space suit is not easy. Credit: NASA

Mission specialist Dan Burbank got help getting into his Extravehicular Mobility Unit suit. This suit is like the one he wore when he went on a spacewalk. He practiced in the giant pool at the Neutral Buoyancy Lab.
Three astronauts look carefully at a piece of shuttle training equipment
Image above: At Johnson Space Center, the astronauts inspected equipment to prepare for their flight. Credit: NASA

Mission specialist Steven MacLean held the flashlight, while Brent Jett and Joe Tanner looked at equipment during STS-115 training.
Astronaut Heidemarie Stefanyshyn-Piper uses a tool during training
Image above: Before they go into space, astronauts practice working with the tools they will use during their mission. Credit: NASA

Mission Specialist Heidemarie Stefanyshyn-Piper took part in a solar panel training session in the Space Vehicle Mockup Facility at Johnson Space Center.

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