The international space station seen orbiting above a continent on Earth Image above: The ISS orbits high above Earth in this photo taken by a member of the STS-114 space shuttle crew. Credit: NASA

The Expedition 12 crew launched on Sept. 30, 2005. They came back to Earth on April 8, 2006.
Mission patch with drawing of ISS, the number 12 written in Roman numerals, the crew names Tokarev and McArthur, moon and Mars to represent NASA's plan to go there soon
Image above: The Expedition 12 crewmembers wore this patch on their flight suits. Credit: NASA

Each space station crew designs a patch before its mission. This crew made the space station the most important part of their patch. The moon and Mars stand for NASA's plans to go both places soon. The crew number is written in Roman numerals -- XII.
Tokarev and McArthur pose in their blue flight suits Image above: Cosmonaut Tokarev (right) and astronaut McArthur (left) were the members of the Expedition 12 crew. Credit: NASA

Astronaut William McArthur Jr. (left) and cosmonaut Valery Tokarev (right) lived on the station for more than six months.

They celebrated a special day while they were on the station. On Nov. 2, 2006, people had lived on the station for five years!
Collage of station crew members from crew 1 through crew 11
Image above: Station crewmembers from Expedition 1 through Expedition 11. Credit: NASA

A man assists two astronauts practicing putting on their space suits while at Johnson Space Center Image above: Tokarev (left) and McArthur (right) learned how to put on their suits while still on Earth. Credit: NASA

The crew walked in space two times. Walking in space may sound like a lot of fun. But for the crew, it's all work.
Astronaut Donald R. Pettit outside the international space station during an extravehicular activity Image above: An astronaut works outside the space station. Credit: NASA

The crew must wear space suits during spacewalks. These suits are like little spaceships. They keep the crewmembers alive while they are out of the station.
Russian progress cargo ship floats in space towards the space station Image above: A cargo ship headed toward the station. Credit: NASA

A cargo ship flew to the station in late December. It brought water, food, air and goodies from home. It also delivered things that kept the station running, like fuel.

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