Drawing of a room with items that NASA helped make better
People have used NASA technology to make common household products better. These products are called spinoffs.

Find the spinoffs in the picture above by reading the clues.
  1. The astronauts who went to the moon used specially made tools. Power tools that work on Earth would not work on the moon -- there are no plugs! This spinoff was invented to be used without a plug.

  2. This spinoff was made in the same way that certain parts of NASA space suits were made. You can thank this spinoff for a great jump shot.

  3. NASA knew that some kinds of light can hurt your eyes. They made something to keep out harmful light and only let safe light pass through. This spinoff makes you look cool, even when you’re hot.

  4. Who would have thought that this spinoff came from NASA! Scientists were working with tiny plants called algae (AL gee). They discovered something in the plants. What they found is good for babies.

  5. NASA can find the temperatures of things that are far away. Without leaving Earth, scientists can tell how hot a planet or star is. That’s how they got the idea for this spinoff. It can tell you if you have a fever or not. Thanks to NASA, you don't have to put it into your mouth.

  6. What has dimples but does not smile? This idea came from the space shuttle’s external tank. This spinoff will go farther with a swing. Don’t tee off without it.

  7. Astronauts who went to the moon could not carry many drinks into space. Part of the spacecraft already had water in it. But it was not ready to drink. NASA learned how to clean this water. This spinoff will clean your water, too.

  8. Astronauts must stay in shape, even when they are in space. Sometimes they live in space for months, and their bones and muscles start to get weak. The astronauts use special machines to keep them strong. You can use this spinoff at a fitness center.

  9. On spacewalks, astronauts need to move around easily. A part of the space suit allows them to bend. The spinoff from this part makes you a better skier.

  10. This spinoff was made from a design used for fighter plane wings. It protects your head when you ride. It has air vents to keep you cool.

  11. This spinoff comes from the space shuttle simulators. Astronauts used a control to practice landing and steering the shuttle. You can use the spinoff to play video games.

  12. This spinoff was based on NASA’s study of aircraft wings. It will not make you fly. But if you use this spinoff on your bike, you can move faster.

  13. This spinoff is great to use on the beach or at a picnic. It came from an idea NASA had to keep things cool in space. It uses small parts to keep things warm or cold at the flip of the switch.

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