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 A drawing of a video game and CD
08.05.04 - The Invention Timeline
Which came first, video games or CDs? You may be surprised!
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 Image of the Moon and Earth with a yardstick and question mark in between
07.29.04 - Facts About the Moon
Do you know how far the moon is from Earth?
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 Small samples of the backgrounds available: Earth, an Astronaut, rocket launch
07.22.04 - Space Wallpaper
Put a spacey background on your computer.
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 Image of Super Nova from Hubble
03.25.04 - Hubble Slide Show
These space pictures are out of this world!
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 Astronaut Buzz Aldrin carrying equipment on the moon
07.08.04 - Apollo 11 Pictures
See pictures of when astronauts first went to the moon.
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 Drawing of Cassini spacecraft
07.01.04 - Cassini Spacecraft Parts
Where are Cassini's eyes? Use your mouse to find the parts of Cassini.
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 Artist's rendition of Cassini approaching Saturn
06.24.04 - Hello Saturn. Here we come!
See a short movie of how it will look when Cassini and Huygens will orbit Saturn.
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 Dot to Dot Plane
06.10.04 - Airplane Dot-to-Dot
Connect the dots online to see what you can make.
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 Cartoon drawing of Dr. Dish character over a football field
06.10.04 - How Big is an Antenna
Dr. Dish tells it all.
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 Cartoon drawing of Dr. Dish character
06.03.04 - Why Do You Need a Big Antenna
Dr. Dish tells us in this short movie.
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 A tray with packaged space food on it
11.03.05 - Play With Your
(Space) Food

Move your mouse over the astronaut's food tray.
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 Cartoon image of TV with arms, legs and a happy face
05.20.04 - Astronaut Fashion Show Videos
See movies of astronauts modeling their space clothes!
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 Astronaut washing shorts in a plastic bag in the ISS
05.13.04 - This is the Way We Wash Our Clothes -- in Space
See an astronaut wash his clothes.
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 ISS and flags of countries participating
04.15.04 - Look Inside the Space Station
Move your mouse to move through the Space Station.
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 Cartoon image of shuttle at a fast food restaurant in space
04.22.04 - Fast Food in Space
Do you ever have a deep space hunger? What would it be like to order fast food in space?
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 Cartoon images of mini golf course -- to Saturn
04.01.04 - Space Mini Golf
Going to Saturn is like playing mini-golf. These slides show you how.
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 Cartoon image of tea being captured with chopsticks in space
Drinking Tea in Space
Astronauts can drink their tea with chopsticks!
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 Crossword puzzle
Comet Crossword
What do you know about comets?
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 Image of the Helix Nebula also called The Eye of God
The Helix Nebula
Some people call it 'The Eye of God'!
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 Cartoon image of Astronaut with a large hockey puck pushed over his head
How is an Astronaut Like a Hockey Puck?
Watch this video to see how astronauts are like air-hockey pucks.
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