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 A cow wearing a space helmet standing on top of Earth with the moon above
06.07.06 - Way Out!
Explore and learn about the universe.
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 Drawing of a target with an arrow in the middle
03.07.06 - Hitting the Bull's-Eye
Traveling to Mars is no
easy task.
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 A boy near a small airplane flying over a lake
09.01.05 - Planes as Small as Insects 
NASA is working to make really small airplanes.
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 President Bush standing in front of a television; closed caption
08.25.05 - The President Talks With the Shuttle Crew
The Return to Flight crew chats with President Bush from space.
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 Discovery taking off; closed caption
08.25.05 - Discovery Launches Video 
Did you miss the launch? See it here.
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 A teddy bear with a circle and red line over it
07.07.05 - No Teddy Bears on the Space Shuttle
There are some things that just cannot ride in the Shuttle.
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 NASA's Dr. Suess wearing a red-and-white-striped hat
03.24.05 - NASA Has a Dr. Suess
This Dr. Suess read to students for 'Read Across America.'
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 Cartoon drawing of two old men in front of part of Stonehenge
03.17.05 - Sun Watchers Through Time
This time line shows you how people have studied the sun for years.
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 Comet crossing the sky
12.16.04 - Ten Things You Should Know About Comets
Read cool things about comets.
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 Drawing of part of Saturn with two moons close by
06.17.04 - Saturn's Moons -- Fun Facts
One moon is shaped like a hamburger! One moon is bigger than two planets!
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 Paper airplane over a portion of a word search game
11.18.04 - See How It Flies Word Search Game
Play this online word search game.
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 Four different pictures of the Space Shuttle
11.11.04 - Space Shuttle Fleet
See pictures of all of the Space Shuttles.
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 Man looking at Earth through a window
11.04.04 - Pictures From the ISS
See pictures taken from the Space Station.
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 A portion of the Expedition 9 patch
04.29.04 - Search the Mission Patch
Can you find all the pictures in the Crew 9 patch?
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 Robot wearing a space suit and gold helmet
10.07.04 - Robots Around the World
See pictures of robots that are like people.
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 Cartoon ice cream cone shaped comet
01.29.04 - Make a Comet and Eat It!
Here's a fun way to make an ice cream comet.
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 Drawing of the Spitzer telescope in space
09.23.04 - A Star is Born Video
A special telescope saw the pictures in the movie.
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 Ultraviolet image of Hurricane Luis
09.16.04 - Tour a Hurricane
Move around a hurricane to see how it works.
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 Kitty Hawk 3 Airplane
KH3 -- Kitty Hawk 3
See the animation of the concept planes for a Mars mission.
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 Picture of a volcano taken from the ISS
08.26.04 - Looking at Earth from Space
This volcano picture was taken on the Space Station.
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