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 Space art poster
Space Art
You can make this art that looks like you are out in space.
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 Cartoon image of a moon.
Make Moon Cookies
Learn how to make no-bake moon shaped cookies.
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 Cartoon ice cream cone shaped comet
Make a Comet and Eat It!
Here's a fun way to make an ice cream comet.
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 Photograph of girl holding a balloon over her head and her hair standing up
Hair-Raising Fun
These fun experiments will give you a charge!
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 Cartoon image of a girl looking through binoculars
Change Your View
How does what you see change what you know?
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 Cartoon image of flying rocket with happy face
Air Bottle Rocket
You can make a rocket with straws and a soda bottle.
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 Cartoon drawing of GRACE satellite
GRACE Activity Book
Print this book so you can color pictures and play games.
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 Drawing of Genesis
Genesis Color-by-Number
It will be September before Genesis brings back part of the Sun. You can color this now.
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 Photograph of completed mini hovercraft
Tabletop Hovercraft
Make a floating toy!
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 Cartoon balloon chasing a can of soda
Runaway Soda
Why is that balloon chasing that soda?
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 Cartoon drawing of party hats
Throw a Space Day Party!
Make a starry pizza, banana rocket or other far-out foods. Here are some great ideas!
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 Pieces of candy
How Many Colors in a Bag of Candy?
Make a candy graph to help you find out.
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 Cartoon image of Earth with a big smile
Make Earth Happy on Her Day!
Here are some things you can do to keep Earth smiling!
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 Completed wind vane supported on the ground with clay
Which Way Does it Blow?
Make a weather vane to see which way the wind blows.
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 Picture of rover and words Drive the Rovers
Drive the Rover on Mars
Pick a rover and drive around Mars!
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 Earth in the shape of an apple
If Earth Were an Apple
An apple can help you see how much of Earth's land we can use to grow food.
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 Cartoon image of boy using a computer
Earn Cub Scout Achievements and Electives
Let Space Place help you!
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 Cartoon drawing of PU the Dog thinking
Read a Meter
Help P.U. see how much he has to pay on his bill.
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 Cartoon image of Sun wearing sunglasses
Fun with the Sun
Write your own silly story online!
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 Space Shuttle snack made with carrots and celery
Edible Space Shuttle
Learn the parts of the Space Shuttle and have a snack.
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