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 Space shuttle made from a hot dog
Shuttle Dog
Make a space shuttle out of a hot dog!
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 Drawing of a rocket
Pop Rockets
Make this cool rocket!
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 Picture of a girl holding a solar cooker
Cooking With the Sun
Make a pizza box solar oven. Cook outside without a fire.
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 Drawing of a straw with a paper wad on top and streamers out to the side
Paper Comet Model
Make a comet model and see how its tail blows.
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 Drawing of edible Cassini spacecraft
Make a Cassini Spacecraft That's Good Enough to Eat
Here's a model to build and eat.
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 A paper ball with 12 sides
Flight Ball
Here is an airplane decoration that you can hang in your room.
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 A drawing of a yellow foam glider plane
Foam Glider
Make a meat tray fly!
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 Cartoon drawing of an astronaut with a question mark in the middle of the area for the face
Look What I Can Be
What do you want to be when you grow up? Make a book about it.
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 International Space Station with the Space Shuttle nearby
Pin the Shuttle to the ISS
Here is a party game to play for the International Space Station's birthday or for your birthday!
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 Drawing of Space Shuttle launch
Space Activity Book
Print this book full of fun puzzles and coloring pages.
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 Completed lunar prospector model
Moon Spacecraft Model
Use marshmallows to make this Lunar Prospector model.
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 A cartoon drawing of an astronaut next to the words International Space Station
Space Station Activity Sheets
Do these puzzles and have fun as you learn about the Space Station.
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 Drawing of people looking into the night sky at the Cassiopeia constellation
Constellation in a Canister
These will help you find the stars in the sky.
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 Photograph of an asteroid.
Make Your Own Asteroid
Learn how to make an asteroid you can eat!
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 Drawing of a lavendar belt with pebbles glued to it
Make an Asteroid Belt
Here's a spacey belt that you can wear!
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 Photograph of star-shaped cookie.
Starry Night
Make star-shaped cookies that you can see through!
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 Picture of a finished ocean in the bottle
Ocean in a Bottle
Make your own ocean of calm water.
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 A pencil sticking through a multi-colored paper circle
Make a Color Spinner
Mix your colors in mid air!
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 Drawing of straw rockets
Straw Rocket
If you have a drinking straw, some paper and tape, you can make a straw rocket!
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 Portion of the solar system -- the Sun, Mercury, Venus, Earth and Mars
Solar System Crafts
Make a solar system poster or mobile.
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