Education Modules

    Boy and girl performing

    Students participating in the Train Like an Astronaut activities will understand more about how physical activity and nutrition affect the human body by conducting a set of hands-on explorations. These science, technology, engineering, and mathematics, or STEM, activities, correlated to the National Education Standards, will challenge students to investigate and discover more about physical activity and nutrition.

    Materials available to download for each activity:

    • Educator handout (English and Spanish versions)
    • Student handout (English and Spanish versions)

Educational Activities

  • Hydrate the Astronaut Game

    Hydration Station

    This activity teaches students to identify their own hydration levels as they research hydration and create a visual web about hydration, and learn the importance for astronauts to drink plenty of fluid while in space.

  • Pyramid of food groups

    Energy Of An Astronaut

    Where does the energy of a space explorer come from? Find out about caloric intake, energy needs, and the metabolism inside the human space explorer's body by testing for starch with flour tortillas.

  • Silhouettes of a young person and a chicken, with leg bone highlighted

    Living Bones, Strong Bones

    Engineering, nutrition, and physical activity collide when students design and build a healthy bone model of a space explorer which is strong enough to withstand increasing amounts of weight.