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Train Like An Astronaut: Explore and Discover
Explore and Discover

Educational Resources

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› Mission Journal instructions en Español (PDF)

These "mission assignments" for students, available in English and Spanish, give detailed instructions for each activity as well as more advanced challenges, related NASA facts and safety guidelines. Educator Guides offer lesson plans, background information, and instructional procedures.

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About the Video:

NASA astronauts explain the importance of aerobic and anaerobic fitness for performing spacewalks. A NASA astronaut trailer and students show how to set up the "Explore and Discover" course and successfully run both activities.

Mission Question:

What is a physical activity that would help your heart and lungs become stronger as you increase your aerobic and anaerobic activity?

Whether you are walking a mile or moving slowly to help someone carry a heavy object, your body must regulate oxygen levels. Your body uses oxygen for energy as aerobic activity, whereas anaerobic exercise makes the body produce energy without oxygen. Certain activities will strengthen both aerobic and anaerobic systems at the same time.

Crew Member Mission:

Students will:

  • safely carry weighted objects from the Exploration Area back to your Base Station to improve aerobic and anaerobic fitness.
  • record observations about improvements in aerobic and anaerobic fitness during this physical experience in your Mission Journal.