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Crew Strength Training
Crew Strength Training

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These "mission assignments" for students, available in English and Spanish, give detailed instructions for each activity as well as more advanced challenges, related NASA facts and safety guidelines. Educator Guides offer lesson plans, background information, and instructional procedures.

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About the Video:

NASA astronauts Dottie Metcalf-Lindenburger and Kjell Lindgren and astronaut trainer Yamil Garcia share an activity that helps you develop strong muscles and bones, which astronauts need for life in space.

Mission Question:

How could you perform a physical activity that would strengthen your muscles and bones in both your upper and lower body?

Strong muscles and bones are important to overall health. They are necessary for performing chores and tasks at home, at school, or while playing. When lifting an object off the floor, pushing up out of bed, or bending to see under an object, you use upper and lower body strength. Physical activities such as these will help keep muscles and bones strong!

Crew Member Mission:

Students will:

  • perform body-weight squats and push-ups to develop upper and lower body strength in muscles and bones.
  • record observations about improvements in strength training during this physical experience in their Mission Journal.