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What's an Extra? Every month NASA compiles a list of educational resources related to a NASA theme. Visit each month to find new educational materials, classroom activities, games, pictures, NASA TV broadcasts and Web sites.

The theme for June 2006 is "Careers." Learn about what astronauts, research scientists and engineers do at NASA. What other types of careers are available in aeronautics, earth and space science, space operations, and exploration? Working at NASA means being part of a team, and that can lead to many rewarding and interesting opportunities. Explore this month's theme with the resources listed below, and learn what it takes to be part of the team that is making the Vision for Space Exploration a reality.

Female pilot in a blue flight suit and dark sunglasses
NASA TV Education Schedule
During the week of June 19-25, 2006, programs about careers will be featured on NASA TV. Check the schedule for titles and descriptions of the broadcasts.
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Image to right: Astronaut Eileen M. Collins, STS-114 commander, prepares for a flight in a NASA T-38 trainer jet. Credit: NASA

NASA Educational Products

Small image of the Consider a Career in Aerospace poster Consider a Career in Aerospace Poster
This poster encourages young women to pursue careers in mathematics, science, engineering and technology.
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Launch a Career in Education bookmark Launch a Career in Engineering Bookmark
Use the resources on this bookmark to access career information about engineering.
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NASA Educational Multimedia Materials

Picture of CD, tape, slides and guides
The Central Operation of Resources for Educators, or CORE, is the worldwide distribution center for NASA-produced multimedia materials. Education Modules for themes are bundled by topic and may include CD-ROMs, videotapes, educator guides, posters, lithographs, books, lesson plans, bookmarks, fact sheets, slide sets and activity kits.

Image to right: NASA develops multimedia resources for educators. Credit: NASA

Module Spotlight:

Careers Subject Area Classroom Module (9-12)
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Career/Space Science/Spanish Subject Area Classroom Module (9-12)
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Search words for CORE materials: Careers

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Follow the Theme -- Activities, Adventures and Web Sites of Interest

Drawing of two kids standing by a Future Flight Design sign and an airplane Future Flight Design
Middle school students are invited to become NASA researchers designing the air transportation system of tomorrow. Biographies highlight careers in aeronautics and aerospace engineering. Two educator guides are available.
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Four girls sitting in the grass working on a project NASA Careers for Girl Scouts
The Girl Scouts Explore Space site at NASA Glenn Research Center's page contains information and resources for Girl Scouts and their leaders to learn about NASA careers in science, mathematics and engineering.
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Cartoon host named Astro Ferret standing behind the word Astro-Venture Astro-Venture
At this interactive site, students role-play NASA occupations as they search for and build a planet for human habitation.
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An illustration of an astronaut pointing to a chalkboard Astronaut Selection Homepage
Find out what it takes to become an astronaut. Do you qualify for the astronaut training program?
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The 2004 class of astronaut candidates in training Behind the Scenes
Thousands of people across the United States support our nation's human spaceflight effort. Meet some of these people and learn what they do every day at NASA.
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Want to Work at NASA?
NASA is more than astronauts. Review job listings, post a resume and even apply for a NASA job online.
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Have you ever wondered how to apply for a job at NASA? Check here for civil servant job vacancies, summer opportunities and contractor company opportunities.
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Thoughts About Working for NASA
NASA employees have numerous reasons why they chose to work for NASA. This Web site shares some insights about what it is like to work in our Nation's Space Program.
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Festival of Flight Special: Opening Space for Next Generation Explorers
Students will conduct a hands-on, instructional technology activity to make connections about NASA research and learn about mathematics, science and technology.
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Student Employment at NASA
Check out the student services section for information on NASA's recruitment schedule, helpful interview techniques, information on completing a resume, and much more!
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Videos showcased in the June 2006 Education File Schedule to support "Careers" are:
Destination Tomorrow™ Six (9-Adult)
Destination Tomorrow™ Seven (9-Adult)
Destination Tomorrow™ Twelve (9-Adult)
Destination Tomorrow™ Twenty-One (9-Adult)
NASA CONNECT™: Landscape Archaeology: Hidden Treasures (6-8)
NASA CONNECT™: Rocket to the Stars (6-8)
NASA CONNECT™: Venus Transit (6-8)
NASA SCIence Files™: The Case of the Challenging Flight (3-5)
NASA SCIence Files™: The Case of the Galactic Vacation (3-5)
Passport to Knowledge: Looking for Life (6-10)
THAT NASA SHOW - Program 1: Tortillas in Space (3-8)
THAT NASA SHOW - Program 2: Space Wear (3-8)
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Additional Resources

Space Place Live
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Aerospace Careers
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NASA Astronaut Biographies
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Astronaut Selection and Training Facts
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Civil Service Job Qualifications
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NASA Quest
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Earth Explorers Series
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Edspace: Careers
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