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The Case of the Powerful Pulleys Segment 2

A student in a hard hat talks with a woman wearing a hard hat

Product Type: Educator Guide, Lesson Plan/Activity, Video Learning Clip
Audience: Educators
Grade Levels: 3-5
Publication Year: 2002
Product Number: EG-2002-07-12-LARC
Subjects: General Science: Energy, Heat, and Magnetism; Forces and Motion
Time Required: 2-3 days

The Treehouse Detectives continue to search for a way to lift Jacob into the treehouse. They meet Dr. D at the circus to learn more about simple machines. Then they discover that NASA used pulleys to lift the space shuttle onto the back of an airplane. They talk with a NASA engineer to learn about pulleys. They believe this is definitely the way to go but think they need to do a little more research. They visit NASA's Langley Research Center in Hampton, Virginia, where pulleys are used to lift airplanes for crash tests at the gantry. Now they are certain that pulleys are the answer, but there are just a few little problems to overcome.

 Objectives: Students will
      Understand the principle of the Archimedes Screw.
      Understand and use simple machines.

NASA SCI Files -- The Case of the Powerful Pulleys Segment 2
Video Component Description [581KB PDF file]
Watch NASA SCI Files -- The Case of the Powerful Pulleys Segment 2
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Video Duration: 12 minutes, 09 seconds
Video File Size: 135 MB

Segment 2 Description, Objectives and Vocabulary [436KB PDF file]

Popcorn, Get Your Popcorn Up Here! [161KB PDF file]
Keeping It Simple -- Six Simple Machines [377KB PDF file]
Answer Key [249KB PDF file]

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