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The Case of the Powerful Pulleys Segment 3

A man sits on one end of a board over a fulcrum while an arrow labeled FORCE pushes down on the other end to lift the man

Product Type: Educator Guide, Lesson Plan/Activity, Video Learning Clip
Audience: Educators
Grade Levels: 3-5
Publication Year: 2002
Product Number: EG-2002-07-12-LARC
Subjects: General Science: Energy, Heat, and Magnetism; Forces and Motion
Time Required: 2-3 days

The Treehouse Detectives continue investigating pulleys, and Bianca continues researching various engineering careers for her presentation. Everyone is positive that pulleys are the answer to getting Jacob into the treehouse. They think they have all the information they need to lift Jacob. Fortunately, they test their apparatus before putting Jacob in it, and they quickly realize that they have not considered safety features. A NASA safety engineer suggests that they also need to consider human factors. Back at the treehouse, the detectives have used their last pulley, but Jacob is still too heavy to lift. They stop by Dr. D’s lab in hopes that he will be able to help them reduce the force needed to lift Jacob and to help them figure out what to do with all that rope from the pulley system.

 Objectives: Students will
      Investigate how pulleys make work easier.
      Construct a lever to lift a large weight.
      Investigate the use of gears.

NASA SCI Files -- The Case of the Powerful Pulleys Segment 3
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Segment 3 Description, Objectives and Vocabulary [173KB]

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