The Case of the Powerful Pulleys Segment 1

The Case of the Powerful Pulleys Segment 1

Three students visit a boy in bed with a cast on his legDescription: Jacob has broken his foot and is eager to rejoin his friends in the treehouse. The Treehouse Detectives decide that devising a plan to get Jacob safely into the treehouse will be their next case and quickly begin to research the best way to lift him. During their research, Bianca will also learn more about women engineers for her career day presentation. They begin their investigation with Dr. D, who helps them learn about energy, force, motion and doing work. The detectives realize building an elevator is too complicated. Next, they decide that a ramp might solve their problem. They contact a friend who is in a wheelchair to learn more about ramps and how they help people with disabilities gain access to places.

 Audience: Educators
 Grade Level: 3-5
 Time Required: 2-3 days

 Objectives: Students will
      Understand the concepts of inertia.
      Understand how the amount of force changes with the use of various simple machines.
      Distinguish between potential and kinetic energy.
      Use formulas to calculate work.
      Learn that the sun is the source of all energy for food chains.

Segment 1

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