The Case of the Physical Fitness Challenge - Segment 3

The Case of the Physical Fitness Challenge Segment 3

A teacher assists a student in a lab Description: The Treehouse Detectives continue their quest for information about nutrition, and in Segment 3 they learn about the food guide pyramid categories and how to determine the correct number of portions in each group for an individual. Bianca and Blake learn about a person’s basal metabolic rate and why it is important to calculate BMR. The detectives find out about the importance of nutrition in exploration from Ms. Gill Poulter at the Discovery Point Antarctic Museum in Dundee, Scotland. They learn that when the RRS Discovery made the first exploratory expedition to Antarctica, nutrition was a concern but little was known about it.

 Audience: Educators
 Grade Level: 3-5
 Time Required: 2-3 days

 Objectives: Students will
      Test foods for complex carbohydrates.
      Compare estimated portion sizes to the recommended portion size.
      Determine the importance of portion size to a healthy diet.
      Discover which foods contain fat.

Segment 3

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