The Case of the Physical Fitness Challenge - Segment 1

The Case of the Physical Fitness Challenge Segment 1

Three people jogging with two astronautsDescription: In The Case of the Physical Fitness Challenge, the Treehouse Detectives are excited about their school’s participation in the upcoming President’s Challenge. Therefore, when RJ has difficulty keeping up with the fitness routine, they go into action to help him get back on track. Tony talks with NASA experts about the importance of physical activity and learns how astronauts must exercise before, during and after spaceflight. Tony also learns that physical activity is not possible without muscles. They then stop by to visit Dr. D as he works on his car. He explains how the body is similar to a car because it has many systems. The detectives decide that they might need to learn a little more about the skeletal system.
 Audience: Educators
 Grade Level: 3-5
 Time Required: 2-3 days

 Objectives: Students will
      Determine the importance of physical activity to a healthy lifestyle.
      Discover how the heart pumps blood throughout the body.
      Locate their pulse points and calculate their heart rates.
      Prove that the more active a person is, the more the heart works to supply blood to the body.
      Confirm that muscle strength and endurance increase over time with good stress.
      Discover the relationship between muscles and bones.
      Learn about the different kinds of body joints and how they move.

Segment 1

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