The Case of the Physical Fitness Challenge - Segment 4

The Case of the Physical Fitness Challenge Segment 4

A teacher and a student throw a ball to each otherDescription: As the Treehouse Detectives start to pull all the pieces together, they realize that they need to make lifestyle changes. Mr. Lynn Swann helps the detectives learn that physical activity should be fun and something you enjoy doing so that you continue to be active. They meet astronaut Alvin Drew to learn what NASA is doing to help keep astronauts healthy during long-duration space travel. Finally, they meet Dr. D for a wrap-up explanation that a healthy lifestyle includes many things but, especially, proper nutrition and daily physical activity.

 Audience: Educators
 Grade Level: 3-5
 Time Required: 2-3 days

 Objectives: Students will
      Demonstrate the importance of stretching activities before and after exercise.
      Simulate the effect of a reduced-gravity environment on the human body.
      Measure the effects of gravity on the spine.
      Make a model of a spine.
      Demonstrate the importance of flexibility to movement.
      Learn the benefits of an active lifestyle.

Segment 4

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