Understanding Sunspots And Solar Flares
A close-up view of one-fourth of the sun

The information in this video was accurate as of the original publication date.

Audience: Educators and Students
Grades: 5-8
Year: 2002

This NASA video segment describes the different layers of the sun and explains what sunspots are. Viewers learn about the photosphere, coronosphere and corona, as well as the temperature differences found in sunspots compared to those of other areas of the sun's surface. Solar flares and coronal mass ejections are also explained.

Understanding Sunspots And Solar Flares
Duration: 1 minute 58 seconds
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This video clip is part of the NASA CONNECT™: Data Analysis and Measurement: Having a Solar Blast! DVD that may be ordered from the Central Operation of Resources for Educators, or CORE  →.

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