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Toys in Space II Video Resource Guide
The space shuttle seems to be launching from a videotape, while the ISS floats overhead

The information in this document was accurate as of the original publication date.

Audience: Educators
Grades: K-12
Product Number: EV-1997-07-012-HQ

The educational video "Toys in Space II" was taped during the flight of STS-54. The video shows astronauts on the space shuttle and students back on Earth co-investigating the behavior of toys in space. Video program segments show the toys' behavior in 1 g (Earth's gravity) and then their behavior in the microgravity environment of space. Activities, brief descriptions of what happened during the space shuttle flight, and science and mathematics links are available in the Toys in Space II Video Resource Guide.

Toys in Space II Video Resource Guide [1MB PDF file]

Experiment with the same toys used in the Toys in Space videos. The Toys in Space Activity Kit II is available from CORE  →.