The Constant Pull of Gravity: How Does It Work?
A close-up view of a skydiver jumping out of a plane

The information in this video was accurate as of the original publication date.

Audience: Educators and Students
Grades: 5-12
Year: 1996

This NASA video segment illustrates how gravity plays an important role in everyday life. Footage shows various sporting activities that require gravity, such as skydiving, bobsledding and white-water rafting, as well as the use of common objects like window shades and water fountains that use gravity to function. Viewers also learn how gravity can inhibit scientific research.

The Constant Pull of Gravity: How Does It Work?
Duration: 53 seconds
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This video clip is part of the Liftoff to Learning: Microgravity DVD that may be ordered from the Central Operation of Resources for Educators, or CORE  →.

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