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Exploration: Then and Now -- Survival! Lesson
First page of the Survival! Lesson of the Exploration: Then and Now educational module

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Audience: Educators
Grades: 6-8
Product Number: EG-2006-09-25-LaRC
This lesson will help your students answer the question:
What are the most essential items for the survival of settlers and explorers in new worlds?

In this lesson, students will
-- Analyze and rank items based upon their importance for survival in a particular environment.
-- Work as a team to come to a consensus about the importance of certain survival items.
-- Compare team rankings to rankings developed by history and astronomy experts.
-- Identify and compare human needs in two different exploration environments.
-- Compare the differences in survival on Earth and the moon.

Survival! Lesson [2MB PDF file]

The educational module Exploration: Then and Now examines four themes and compares exploration of the past and present. The module focuses on the settlement of Jamestown, the first permanent English-speaking colony in the New World, and NASA's plans to return to the moon and reach for Mars. Each lesson consists of several student activities.

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