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Space Science Is for Everyone: Creating and Using Accessible Resources in Educational Settings

The cover page of Space Science Is for Everyone

Product Type: Program Brochure
Audience: Educators, Informal Education
Grade Levels: K-12, Higher Education
Publication Year: 2008
Product Number: NP-2008-04-512-HQ
Subjects: Education

The Southeast Regional Clearinghouse, or SERCH, convened seven highly successful "Exceptional Space Science Materials for Exceptional Students" workshops. The workshops offered professional development training and resources for the teachers of students with disabilities, science educators (both formal and informal), and product developers who are working to make Earth and space science concepts more accessible for persons with disabilities.

This collection of helpful hints and resources is based on the seven workshops, the expertise of the participants and product testing in classrooms around the United States following these workshops. The brochure is offered as a tool for science, technology, engineering and mathematics educators who are working with students with disabilities. Some activity descriptions are supplemented with case study examples addressing a particular disability. In addition, contributing educator-authors have provided a variety of lessons learned from formal education (Pre-K through 12th-grade), home school education, and informal or "free-choice" education learning venues, such as science centers, museums and planetariums.

Space Science Is for Everyone Brochure [8MB PDF file]


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