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Space Science: Adventure Is Waiting Poster 6-8

This poster cover shows a house floating in space with two boys standing in the doorway looking out and roots hanging from underneath the house. The title at the top reads Could a House Launch Into Orbit. The words on the right side read Look to the Science of Space for the Answers. The words on the left read Zathura Coming to theaters this November. This is superimposed over an image of a planet with rings. There is a large gold colored rock on the bottom left side.

Product Type: Poster
Audience: Educators, Students
Grade Levels: 6-8
Publication Year: 2005
Subjects: Physical Science

Welcome to a dynamic education program to build student skills in both science and language arts. The back of this poster contains easy-to-use, national standards-based lessons and reproducibles for the classroom. There are also inspiring images from the feature film "Zathura", an adventure film based on a children's book by renowned author/illustrator Chris Van Allsburg.

The accompanying set of resources has an activity about Comets, Meteors and Meteoroids. To further explore the universe, check out the Web Quest to learn some amazing things related to the science of space: Gravity, Black Holes and Robots.

Adventure Is Waiting Poster Cover  [538K PDF file]
Adventure Is Waiting Poster   [1.6MB PDF file]

Accompanying Resource:
Space Science: Adventure Is Waiting Activity

Illustrations from "Zathura" by Chris Van Allsburg.
Illustrations© 2002 by Chris Van Allsburg. Reprinted by permission of Houghton Mifflin Company. All rights reserved.

Space Science: Adventure Is Waiting was developed in cooperation with NASA, Columbia TriStar Marketing Group, Inc. and Houghton Mifflin Company.


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