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Space Food and Nutrition Educator Guide

The front cover of the Space Food and Nutrition Educator Guide

Product Type: Educator Guide
Audience: Educators
Grade Levels: K-8
Publication Year: 1999
Product Number: EG-1999-02-115-HQ
Subjects: Mathematics, General Science, Life Science

Space food research meets the challenge of providing food that tastes good and travels well in space. The activities in this NASA educator guide for grades K-8 emphasize hands-on and cooperative involvement of students as they explore the unique problems of keeping astronauts happy and healthy in space.

Space Food and Nutrition Educator Guide [2MB PDF file]

Individual sections:
›  Cover
›  Introductory Materials
›  National Education Standards Charts
›  Introduction
›  Food Preparation for Space
›  Food Selection
›  Planning and Serving Food
›  Classifying Space Food
›  Ripening of Fruits and Vegetables
›  Mold Growth
›  How Much Is Waste?
›  Dehydrating Food for Space Flight
›  Appendices

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