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Space-Based Astronomy Educator Guide
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Audience: Educators
Grades: 5-8
Product Number: EG-2001-01-122-HQ

Why does NASA put telescopes in space? Students build simple spectroscopes and telescopes to learn the answer to this question. This educator guide is divided into units of study that include science demonstrations, lesson plans and student sheets so that students may learn about Earth's atmosphere, the electromagnetic spectrum and telescopes.

Space-Based Astronomy Educator Guide [8MB PDF file]

Individual Sections:
Introductory Pages
A Brief History of the United States Astronomy Spacecraft and Crewed Space Flights
Unit 1: The Atmospheric Filter
Unit 2: The Electromagnetic Spectrum
Unit 3: Collecting Electromagnetic Radiation
Unit 4: Down to Earth
Unit 5: Space-Based Astronomy on the Internet
Additional Resources