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Ray Shielding Activity
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Audience: Educators & Students
Grades: 3-5

This lesson will help your students answer the question:
Which of the materials provided will block the most simulated space radiation, and be the best material to build a spacecraft?

In this lesson, students will
-- Gather data on space radiation shielding by observing a flashlight beam as it shines through different material.
-- Gather data by measuring, predicting, counting and weighing the materials that will shield simulated space radiation.
-- Analyze the data and select the most protective and lightweight material for a space exploration spacecraft.
-- Develop a conclusion based upon the results of this activity.

Ray Shielding Activity
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The Ray Shielding Activity is the lesson that accompanies What Would You Hear in a Weather Report From Mars?, one of the topics in the 21st Century Explorer series.

All components are available on the 21st Century Explorer Web site  →.

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